Living Dharma Centre

The Living Dharma Centre (LDC) is an organization within the working structure of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada (Jodo Shinshu BTC). It is a descendent of an earlier group which was housed in the Toronto Buddhist Temple, That planning group has now been transformed into the Toronto Buddhist Temple Education Committee.

The Living Dharma Centre is therefore a system that serves all Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples in Canada.

As a system, the Living Dharma Centre has its central office in the Office of the Bishop of the Jodo Shinshu BTC. Hence, technically, its central office is in Richmond, British Columbia. However, because Canada is so wide and expansive (somewhat like Amida’s Compassion and Wisdom), the Living Dharma Centre of the Jodo Shinshu BTC must expand its concept of location to include every Shinshu Buddhist Temple in Canada. Therefore, rather than to conceptualize the working of the Living Dharma Centre to be focused in a particular location, it is more appropriate to think of it as a “living” system within Canada. In other words, the Living Dharma Centre is centered in each follower of the Nembutsu.
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The objective of the Living Dharma Centre is to aid the Bishop in her/his work of propagating the teaching of the Nembutsu (i.e. the life of gratitude) so that not only the members of our temples but also all others who wish to lead a life of gratitude and appreciation can share this life of gratitude together. In short, when one (I or you) can come to appreciate this life of Nembutsu individually, then the feeling of gratitude that each of us will hold will radiate into the world. When we can commit ourselves to live such a life of comfort and ease (An-shin), then we will be able to feel gratitude and appreciation for life just as it unfolds.

Some of the objectives that we have in mind are: unification of the our Sunday Service themes, trans-Canada youth group activities, dharma school curriculum, training of future ministers, special guest speaker series, seminars for ministers and for each temple, service to the community, and anything else that YOU feel should be included in YOUR life in YOUR spiritual development. For example, the LDC has a history of subsidizing education in Buddhist studies, more specifically, the Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course.

The LDC is a system that serves your needs and not an organization that dictates what you should be doing as an adherent of the Nembutsu.

LDC committee meeting in Vancouver

Many thanks are extended to the many volunteers, temples, minister’s assistants and ministers for their help in the program so far.

Please submit your ideas to us so that we can be instrumental in reaching your wish together.