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This spring we will be reviewing “Dharma Breeze – Essays on Shin Buddhism” by Dr. Nobuo Haneda. A Japanese-born Buddhist scholar, translator, and teacher. Dr. Haneda is the Director of the Maida Institute for Buddhism in Berkeley, California and comes from the teaching line of Kiyozawa-Akagerasu-Maida-Haneda which is important in the powerful way they get us to take a fresh look at the world.

The following excerpt is from an article written by Rev. Fred Ulrich after a talk given by Dr. Haneda at the Manitoba Buddhist Temple in 1992:

“Dr. Haneda challenged us to redefine our priorities, to place the emphasis in our temples on the essence of Buddhism, the Living Tradition and "not on the ethnic and cultural elements or part of the Dead Tradition...This is the essence of Buddhism. It is the spirit of the student, the seeker. It is also the creative spirit. The living tradition comes directly from Sakyamuni himself, from his enlightenment which was the insight into the truth of impermanence." Dr. Haneda goes on to explain that there is a difference between culture and religion: "Culture is not self-negating. It is something that we enjoy. Religion, on the other hand, challenges and negates the self. Culture can give us amusement, comfort and pleasure, but only the Dharma can give us deep joy, rebirth and a fundamental spiritual transformation."

Dharma Breeze is a straightforward, easy to read book that anyone wishing to learn more about Shin Buddhism should read…..whether you agree with his views or not. The essays are grouped together in four sections: 1. Amida Buddha, .2 The Pure Land, 3. True Practice and 4. General Topics. Beginning March 1 we will spend approximately two weeks on each section, with discussion/posts at the end of each section.

This book is available through the BCA bookstore (unfortunately, not available through Chapters or in electronic format) so please give yourself enough time to order the book in.

We encourage you to read the book and begin to interact with our world-wide virtual sangha. It should create some lively discussion!

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