Hamilton Re-Opens, New Location

Bishop Ikuta (Socho) from Steveston, British Columbia, presided over our Official Opening Ceremony/Hanamatsuri and April Shotsuki service of the Hamilton Buddhist Temple at the Hamilton Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre at 45 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton on Sunday,  April 14th.  

Fujii Sensei, our resident minister and Roy Kusano, the president of the Toronto Buddhist Church, also attended, along with other members of the Toronto Buddhist Church.  It was a full house!  A new Buddha statue was also shown for the first time at the service.  Thank you to the Toronto Buddhist Church for loaning this beautiful statue to us.  

After the service, there was plenty of Japanese food prepared by the women Hamilton Buddhist Temple members. Thank you to them. It was totemo oishi! Thank you to Chris Hourmouzis for all his work in preparing the new room.  

Thank you for attending this wonderful event and starting us off on the right foot, at our new temple location!