The Living Dharma Centre will be presenting an essay periodically over a period of a year in honour of our 110th anniversary. These selected essays from our ministers, minister’s assistants and lay members as well as reflections from previous Canadian ministers will show you our various reflections of thoughts based upon our Shin Pure Land Buddhist tradition. We hope that this compilation will help lead you towards your journey of life following the Middle Path and of Gratitude.

In Deepest Gratitude,
Amy Wakisaka
Program Director, Living Dharma Centre & JSBTC Director

A Reminder Learned
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by Larry Wakisaka
One beautiful fall day the bazaar arrived. I watched as each people allowed in surged towards the right to the Hondo to discover the bazaar delights which awaited them. I noticed one exception. READ MORE…

Gratitude Loves Company
by Rev. Robert Gubenco
We live in a life of duality; therefore, if “Misery Loves Company” then “Gratitude Loves Company”. READ MORE…

An Entrusting Heart is the Source of Our Strength
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by Rev. Yasuo Izumi
The popularity of Buddhism is growing. The Buddhist group in Canada, however, is rapidly declining in the number of members across Canada. Some leaders worry about the finances of the kyodan. Some people, on the other hand, quote the following words of Master Rennyo. READ MORE…

My Reflections on Gratitude
by Teruko Ikuta
For sixty years, I found that compassion wherever I went, kind, experienced and wise people were always there to help me. Thus I deeply feel that every day of the sixty years I spent with my late husband in the temple world was a precious learning experience. READ MORE…
Free to be Me
by Tanis L. Moore
I am grateful to have found a place where I feel welcome and at home, and accepted for who I am.  Attending the temple has allowed me to explore the Dharma and become more “myself”. READ MORE…

Life of a Mother Octopus
by Rev. Masumi Kikuchi-Taniji
Unconsciously, I shed a tear over the compassionate sight of the “Mother Octopus”. She was born into this world one day, matured, became a mother and protected her babies with her life just “as a matter-of-course”. READ MORE…

Gratitude for Coincidence
by Anthony Chor
Being in my mid-twenties, life can get pretty busy and a little bit scary sometimes, but I plan to continue to remain mindful of the remarkable events that have brought me to the teachings and continue to be there for the Jodo Shinshu community. READ MORE…

Buddha on the Prairies
by Rev. Fredrich Ulrich
I lay in the grass, feeling the earth breathe. The waving prairie grass bore a lesson. I would later call this Dharma. This was a place of no place, the addressless. READ MORE…