JSBTC Day Message from the President
Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada
September, 20, 2017

Dave Ohori
On behalf of the JSBTC Board of Directors, I wish to extend my warm greetings to all JSBTC Member Temples, their congregants and friends of the JSBTC. With the extremely hot summer behind us now, the cool rains and autumn colours will be something to look forward to.

On July 10-23, the JSBTC hosted a youth tour to Japan with many interesting places to explore. The main attraction was visiting our Mother Temple Nishi Hongwanji in Kyoto. There were a total of six youth who registered from across Canada. The participants were two from Fraser Valley Temple, one from Calgary Temple, one from Manitoba Buddhist Temple and two from Toronto Buddhist Church. This year the chaperone was Bishop Aoki who took time from his busy schedule to be the tour guide for this trip. This tour leader opportunity was open to all ministers in Canada but due to their schedules no one was able to accompany the youth to Japan. Thank you very much to Bishop Aoki for putting big smiles on the faces of our Youth Delegates and for making available life long memories for the youth who attended.

Rev. Robert Gubenco, who is a member at Calgary Buddhist Temple has expressed an interest in being a Kyoshi minister in Canada. Under the supervision of Rev. James Martin and Bishop Aoki, we should have a Kyoshi minister soon to help with our extreme shortage of ministers in Canada. The JSBTC expresses our gratitude to Rev. Robert Gubenco, Rev. James Martin and Bishop Aoki for their dedication and guidance in fulfilling this need for the future of sustaining Jodo Shinshu in Canada.

Rev. Yoshi (Yoshimichi) Ouchi was assigned to Toronto Buddhist Church last year. He has been working closely with TBC, Rev. Christina and Socho Aoki in adapting to our Canadian culture. He has shown great enthusiasm and he is a true gift to us by being a new minister of the JSBTC. We are very proud in welcoming him in joining our Sangha.

I’m sorry to announce the resignation of Rev. Christina Yanko who is a resident minister of Toronto Buddhist Church. She will unfortunately be leaving JSBTC on Dec 31, 2017. Her husband Dave is an American citizen and he has been called back to the USA for active duty (which he cannot refuse) with the U.S. Coast Guard. I know it was a difficult decision for Rev. Christina to make but we all understand that it is very important to keep the family unit together whenever possible. I am going to miss her wonderful Dharma talks and her glowing smile. Thank you Rev. Christina for the wonderful experiences which you have provided to our Sangha during your appointment in Canada. Many members will be missing you and your family. We wish you good luck and safe travels for you and your family.

Namu Amida Butsu,
Dave Ohori
President, Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada